Social Justice Victory! Man Explains Mansplaining to Woman

By Stav

St. Paul, Minnesota: A victory for social justice! Today at a local Starbucks, local man Daniel Jacobs, 31, corrected local woman, Jessica Peters, 28, on the definition of mansplaining.

“Mansplaining, after all, isn’t really just about when men correct women on a specific topic,” said Jacobs to Peters.  “It’s about cases where men tell women things about subjects in areas where they likely are already knowledgeable. Like, if you studied journalism in school, and I explained journalism to you, for example. Now that’s mansplaining.”

Everyone at the scene applauded Jacobs for his knowledge on the topic of mansplaining. “This man is a true feminist and a social justice warrior of the greatest caliber,” said present barista, Michaela, 25. “It’s great to see men in the every day be knowledgeable about social justice and be able to educate others in real life conversations.”

“I’m glad I know now how mansplaining works,” said Peters. “Without Jacobs’ help, I never would have quite understood mansplaining with my experiences alone. Thanks, Daniel!”

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