Flirty Messages to Send When He’s Ignoring Your Texts—Shit, You’re Twenty Seven

by Stav

Is a potential love interest ignoring your messages again? That’s quite a pain, considering you’re twenty-seven years old!!! But don’t worry, we have several flirtatious texts you can reply with that will (hopefully) rejuvenate his interests, even though we all know you’ve been dealing with this stuff for like ten years.

  1. “Hey! :)” : Even though you’re twenty-seven, there are ultimately many men who will ignore your messages unless they are trying to meet up *right* now! But, not to fear. Just sending a simple ‘hey’ is a pleasant reminder to him that this is serious business (….but not *too* serious! Do not neglect to use the smiley face or you risk coming off as hostile and scaring him off) now that you all are established adults.
  2. “Hey! Are you doing anything next weekend?”: This kind of message forces your potential love interest to give a direct yes-or-no answer, which is the no-nonsense kind of behavior you deserve to be treated with now that you’re the big twenty-seven. Sure, it’s likely that even a question such as this will still be skirted somehow, but hey, you’ve gotta start somewhere. You’re only getting older.
  3. “;)” (The old reliable): Sure, it’s a little annoying you have to resort to this, especially as a twenty-seven year old, but it’s a surefire way to re-capture his attention. This is because it directly appeals to his main reason for talking to you! As another flirty alternative, you can simply add this to end of any message! All of a sudden, you’re 22 again! Haha okay, not really, sorry, be sure to keep that anti-aging cream in handy.

Good luck flirting, and remember, this won’t get better.

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