Wendy’s Meals You’ll Still Inhale After Learning About Their Workers’ Rights Violations

By Stav

Everyone loves Wendy’s, the fast-food burger chain based outside Columbus, Ohio. And, fortunately for Wendy’s, this will still be true even after everyone learns about the company’s long and documented history of poor business practices! Here are some of our favorite Wendy’s menu items that you’ll still devour even after you’re fully aware of how terrible they are as a company!

  1. The Baconator: Sure, it may be true that Wendy’s outsourced its tomato farming to Mexico because it didn’t want to follow the new standards of the Fair Food Program being implemented in the United States. This is quite gross considering that:
  • Many of the farms (many of which are located in Florida) that now follow FFP standards were once often called “ground zero for modern day slavery” by federal prosecutors! Many of the farms often prevented workers from leaving poor working conditions, and many workers often faced sexual harassment.
  • Most of Wendy’s major American competitors, such as McDonald’s, Burger King, and Yum Brands signed onto the Fair Food Program years ago.
  • The FFP has led to increased pay for tomato pickers, better workers’ rights education, and increased avenues where workers can file complaints regarding their working conditions. While there is room for improvement, many tomato pickers in the United States feel the FFP has been a way for their work to be recognized in a dignified manner.

So, yea, with these facts in mind, it’s probably bad that Wendy’s decided to completely ignore the Fair Food Program and move its tomato productions to Mexico.  With just one bite of the baconator, however, you’ll have forgotten that you should probably be disappointed with Wendy’s as a larger establishment for actively avoiding supporting their workers by signing onto the FFP! Mmmm, bacon.

  1. Frosties: Because Wendy’s now gets its tomatoes from Mexico instead of agreeing to standards established by the FFP, it often collaborates with firms that:
  • Virtually force farm laborers to stay in rat and scorpion infested camps to pick tomatoes, often without beds or proper sanitation, for months at a time.
  • Often withhold wages from or even physically beat their workers to prevent them from leaving the farms, even though many workers are only paid about 8 to 12 dollars per day.
  • Oversee farms where sexual exploitation is common.
  • Frequently employ children under the age of 14.

That sucks, right? But even after you’ve learned these horrible facts about who Wendy’s works with on a regular basis, you’re still going to love the frosty!  Is it a solid or a liquid? Or is it really just a milkshake? We don’t know either, but we can tell you it’s great for dunking the fries you’ll also be ordering the next time you go, even after you’ve learned Wendy’s royally sucks.

  1. Taco Salad: For those wanting lighter and healthier options from such a terrible company, the Taco Salad is delicious as it is a low-calorie meal (470 calories). This way, you can still eat healthy and on the go from a fast-food chain that has repeatedly ignored repeated calls to treat its workers with decency without thinking twice!

We hope you have a great time ordering all these menu items (and more) from Wendy’s, even after you’ve learned about how horrible the company is to many of its workers! Quality is truly their recipe.


To learn more about the Fair Food Program, here’s their website:


To Learn About Wendy’s being the worst by not signing onto this program, here are some websites where you can learn more, as well as learn about ways to get involved if you so desire:














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