Popular Kid Also Better at Math Than You

by Stav

Warren, Ohio: Sure, you’ve accepted that the cool kid in your Honors Biology class, Jessica Silverstein, 15, has more friends, less acne, and is much better than talking to boys than you are. Sure, her parents bought her the newest iPhone at the blink of an eye. You’re even mostly okay with the fact that she goes to the adult section (no, not the junior section, we mean the ADULT section) to buy her bras. This is a reality of the life you live.  And it’s been this way for a while, so you’ve more or less accepted this is how things are gonna be until you graduate high school.  After all, sure, Jessica has the looks and popularity, but you have…something over her, right? Just one thing! You can’t be *that* much of a loser in the academic swing of things as you are in real life, that’s for sure!

That’s where you’re wrong, kiddo. Not only is Jessica better at sports, less awkward, hotter, done with braces, and probably makes out with boys frequently: she’s also way better at math than you. That last algebra 2 test you got a B- on? She got an A-, and she wasn’t even trying!

We know this is a hard pill to swallow. And, we would say pick up an instrument or something so you feel like you can have at least one thing she’s not that good at, but she’s first-chair flute too. Sorry.

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