Instagram Friend Only Exists at Anime Conventions

By Stav

Columbus, Ohio: It seems that based on her posts, Instagram friend and Ohio State University alumni, Carrie Little, 24, is only to be found only at anime conventions.

“I get it, it’s a hobby, and to be honest, it sounds quite fun,” said fellow Ohio State alumni Jessie, 23. “But from what I know, these things take quite a lot of planning. You have to choose a character and spend quite a lot of money to dress as them properly, you have to book hotels if you’re going far enough away, all that sort of thing.  I’m under the impression these things take months to plan properly.”

“That all being said, it’s a little strange that Carrie seems to only be posting about herself at anime conventions,” continued Jessie, showing us Carrie’s instagram. “And it’s not like she posts every now and then. She posts about herself being at different conventions at least once a week, and in a different cosplay outfit each time. I’d have to wonder if she does literally anything else. Does she have a job? Family? A pet? It’s all unclear to me.

At press time, Carrie was spotted preparing her next instagram post, which once again was about an anime convention.

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