New Victoria’s Secret Bralette More Supportive Than Your Friendships

By Stav

Unlike your friends, this bralette can’t ignore your attempts to make plans in the group chat. That’s correct, this new bralette, the Chantilly Lace Plunge Bralette by Victoria’s Secret, is more supportive than your friendships! While it’s a chunk of change at $39.99, many of its owners say the investment is more than worth it.

“This bralette makes me feel comfortable in my own skin, yet also sexy and empowered,” says bralette owner Stella, 23. “And because it comes in several different colors, I can wear it at all kinds of occasions. Simply put, it’s always there for me, even when my friends aren’t.”

“I’m not always sure my friends…. really want to associate with me deep-down, you know?” says Laura, 26. “But this bralette always supports me, my body, and my endeavors! I’d recommend it to any of my acquaintances. After all, a bralette can’t talk shit about you or make plans without you when you’re not around.”


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