Graduate Student Actually Happy With Work-Life Balance

by Stav

Montreal, Quebec: Wow! Michelle Fetters, 25, McGill PhD student in the history department, reports that she has, in fact, had a reasonable work-life balance throughout her graduate studies.

“Everybody told me grad school was gonna be super hard. No breaks, only reading, and no fun. So, I was kind of worried,” Michelle told Comedy Writing by Stav last Wednesday.

“But ever since I’ve been a graduate student, I’ve actually found the balance between school work and the rest of my life to be quite reasonable. On a given day, I go to class or TA, then I work on my reading assignments or papers I have to grade until about 5 or 6 p.m. each night. And then that’s all for the day! Afterwards, I watch television, do groceries, cook, or socialize with my friends! Sometimes, if I’m feeling a little up for trouble, I may even grab a drink with some friends out on Crescent.”

“I’ve had plenty of time to establish friendships and explore the city of Montreal as a graduate student, too. It’s been nice to have a healthy balance of time between my schoolwork and my free time so that I can also prioritize fostering a reasonable support network for myself,” Michelle tells us. “While I may feel a little stressed during exams season, overall I’ve found my experience with grad school to be challenging, but still balanced, healthy, and fun! I would recommend it to all my peers.”

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