Life Milestone: Cat Decides It Wants Back In the House

Lancaster, Ohio: A local family is delighted to announce that their house cat, Sampson, 14, has made a major life milestone: Sampson has decided to come back inside the house after a 25 minute roam outside.

“We love our cat, and we are quite excited he has made such a decision to come back inside,” says local resident and cat owner, Angie.

“Sampson is often unable to decide if he wants back in or not, and it can be kind of frustrating, as I don’t really want to monitor the door all the time. He’s been alive for a while, so I’m not really sure why this is usually so difficult. Like, he definitely knows what being inside and being outside is like.  It’s pretty much always the same.”

“Typically, even if Sampson is by the door, that doesn’t necessarily mean he wants to come in,” says local resident and Angie’s husband, Jeff. “Half the time if I open the door for him, he just kind of looks at me, but doesn’t make a move inside. He straight up walked away the other day. What’s his problem? Sometimes, even, he’ll just sit in the doorway for several minutes, without making a concrete choice one way or the other. Anyways, Angie and I are quite glad that he did not do any of this this time and is definitively back inside.”

Sampson has yet to comment on his life changing decision, but appears to be quite content snacking off the wet cat food his family has provided him.

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