How to Follow Your Dreams While Doing Absolutely Nothing To Work Towards Them

by Stav

We know, following your dreams are hard. Like, really hard. Need some assistance in following them without actually doing anything of consequence to achieve them? We’ve got your back.  Follow these easy steps to follow your dreams while doing nothing about them!

  1. Think about your dreams really hard.
  2. Think about them really, really, hard. Focus. Who else has accomplished the things you want to accomplish in life? Maybe look up their accomplishments, so that you can feel bad that you’ve done absolutely nothing to be in the position they got themselves in.
  3. Think about how much work it would take to make your dreams to happen.
  4. Think about how hard that sounds. And, depending on what your goals are, how much work you may have to do for absolutely nothing good to happen. So hard. So risky. Ugh.
  5. Become upset that you have to actually work towards your goals to even have a chance.
  6. Take a nap! You tried hard on this today.
  7. Be sad that none of this process contributed to you becoming closer to achieving any of your goals.
  8. Go back to step one and repeat the process. Ta da! That’s it! You’ve figured out how to follow your dreams while not actually doing anything tangible to achieve them.

Don’t let anyone tell you that there are no shortcuts in life! You can indeed follow your dreams without actually working on them ever, and this list can help you do it.

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