Hunter Will Be Giving You His Opinion On Feminism Now

By Stav

Hunter will be giving you his opinion on feminism now.  That’s correct, Hunter has an opinion on feminism, and you are about to hear all about it.  Which Hunter is this, you ask? We… think he’s in your school’s gaming club?  Not sure really.  But that’s not important now. What’s important are his thoughts on feminism, and how you’re about to hear about them.

This is Hunter. Say hi!

hunter feminism piece

Hopefully Hunter discussing feminism with you is okay, because there isn’t going to be any getting out of this. This is happening. It may only take five minutes, but it could also take an hour. Or two, once he starts talking he’s not exactly too easy to stop. We don’t know. All we know is that Hunter is going to tell you about his thoughts on feminism now. Good luck.

Photo Credit: Adam Hribar

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