Watch Out! This Man Didn’t Like the All Women Ghostbusters, But Because the Writing Was Bad And Not Because The Main Characters Were Played By Women

by stav

Dayton, Ohio: Oh shit! Twenty-Six Year Old Dayton local Ryan Peters just wants you to know that he didn’t like the new edition of the Ghostbusters movie! He wants to clarify, and spend quite a bit of time clarifying, however, that this *isn’t* because the main characters in the film are women. Nuh uh! Ryan Peters is a progressive man!

Rather, and again, Ryan really, *really* wants you to know this, so pay attention! Ryan didn’t like the new Ghostbusters movie because it was poorly written. There is no other reason Ryan did not like the movie, as he is a perfect and polished feminist boy! Ryan disliking the movie has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that the main characters were played by women.  Again, it was because the film was just written poorly.  No other reason.  How dare you think it’s weird that he keeps bringing this up, especially because he definitely doesn’t bring this stuff up about like, Ant-Man (2015) or whatever. No sexism operating under a subconscious level over here to question or unpack, ladies. Move along!

*I have not seen the movie Ant-Man please do not come for me

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