This Was A Good Tweet: An Open Letter to My Twitter Following

This Was A Good Tweet: An Open Letter To My Twitter Following

Dear Twitter Following

Hello, it’s none other than me, the person who runs one of your favorite accounts on twitter. I realize that it’s somewhat odd for me to address you all in such a formal manner, but the reality here is that we’ve got some serious business to talk about.

First, before I get to the point of the matter at hand, I want you all to know that I feel that I and (all 127 of) you generally have an amicable relationship. I sometimes like your tweets, and sometimes you like my tweets.  It’s a relatively simple relationship, but it usually feels to be a relationship centered around the concepts of respect and mutual understanding.

I have felt this way about our relationship, I am sorry to say, until the events of last night. And I don’t say this lightly, but to be frank: we need to have a discussion.

Before getting to the point I will also clarify that I realize, of course, that many of my tweets are not always of the highest quality. I use this twitter account for a variety of reasons, including drunk tweeting, complaining about failed relationships and friendships, and whatever other nonsense I may be up to on a given day.  I am aware of the fundamentally subpar nature of my twitter account, and as such I am not here to say that I deserve attention for every last one of my tweets, especially when many of them are not actually all that pleasant to read.

In the case of this particular tweet I posted last night, however, all of you, and I mean all 127 of you, are wrong. You are all wrong for not liking, retweeting, or otherwise giving my tweet the attention it deserves.

This was a good tweet.  In fact, this was a great tweet. And that is why I am replying to this tweet with a link to this open letter, so that all of you may see both and act accordingly.

This tweet, unlike some of my other tweets, was good, and I expect validation as such in the form of likes and/or retweets by all of you within a reasonable timeframe. There is absolutely no reason that such a tweet, such a good tweet, should be sitting by itself, unattended on my timeline, with zero likes or retweets.

Twitter is meant to be an enjoyable platform for all, but it can only be fully enjoyable if we (read: you) actually interact with the (read: my) tweets we see every day as we scroll through our feeds. I therefore hope that you all take this heartfelt message with sincerity, and that you all act upon this open letter as quickly as possible by liking my tweet, which was good.

Thank you,


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