Wow! This Sephora Makeup Artist Will Straight-Up Tell You How Bad Your Make-Up Looks Upon Making Eye-Contact!

by Stav

Montreal, Quebec: Meet Lydia, senior make-up artist at one of Montreal, Quebec’s Sephoras. Unlike most employees at Sephora, who will silently judge your lack of skin care routine, Lydia will straight up tell you your makeup looks bad!

“Did you really just come into this Sephora wearing Revlon?” says Lydia, 39. “We can tell! By the way, honey, it’s pretty clear you haven’t heard of moisturizing.”

“It is true that Lydia is quite harsh,” says frequent Sephora shopper, Elsa, 24. “In the meantime, however, her brutal honesty has helped me vastly improve my makeup routine (and spend hundreds of dollars on eyebrow products)! I and many other customers love her to pieces.”

At press time, Lydia was trying to sell us a $79 eye-cream, which we will probably buy because we will feel too bad saying no.

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