I went ahead and monetized this blog, which means if you could like go on here and spend two minutes just mindlessly clicking on advertisements you’d be doing me a solid

by Stav

Montreal, Quebec: Capitalism sucks. It sucks, in fact, so much that I’ve decided to sell out and to go ahead and put advertisements on this terrible blog (that or I just think I am that important, but I’m not super into analyzing that part of my psyche at the moment).

Anyways, if you’re seeing this blog post, as I have of course just been relentlessly posting this wherever possible, I am just making a simple and kind request from you.  If you could just, you know, go on my website and click all the ads you see, that would be super great.  That’s all I’m asking here.  You don’t even have to read my blog posts, I don’t give a shit.

I’m just asking this very simple request. It won’t take long, and you don’t have to give anyone your money (though the motion wouldn’t be frowned upon).  I’m just generally pretty down to make the two cents of what I would be getting out of this, you know? And like, if all 20 of you who pay any amount of attention to me also do it? Maybe once a month? Like I’m going to be in pretty good shape at that point financially.

So, yeah, all I’m saying is if you could just mindlessly click on some ads while you’re on here, you’d be doing me a solid. Thanks

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