Opinion: I’m Pro-Life, But That Doesn’t Mean I Want Women To Stop Sleeping With Me

Hey, it’s me, your run-of-the-mill 23 year old from Ohio named Jeremy, here to have a nice little talk with ya, whether you wanted it or not. And, you know, I wanted to be a little more ~serious~ today than usual, if that’s okay.

I’m …what I’d like to consider a god-fearing man.  I have a sense of morality.  And with that in mind, I guess you could say I’m pro-life.  Yeah, I kinda like the ring of that.  Pro-life. I don’t think people should be allowed to have abortions, and we need to be thinking about how we can protect the lives of the children. The most vulnerable in our societies. The unborn.

It’s about responsbility: if you’re responsible, you won’t need an abortion! Or I guess, you know, you need to be responsible: if you get pregnant, you need to own up to your carelessness (that’s what causes pregnancies right?) and raise your child. Glad you could listen to my serious point-making for the day.

That being said, I’m an unmarried man, and I’m single. And let’s just say I wouldn’t mind having some sex around here. It’s one of my favorite activities! Any of you ladies down? After all, I’m pro-life, but that doesn’t mean I want women to stop sleeping with me! That would be ridiculous.

I don’t really know all that much about birth control, or anything people do to prevent pregnancy.  I don’t have to do that, or worry about what getting pregnant would be like, because, well shucks, I’m a dude! I’m not super into condoms, either, even though I’ve heard before that they help prevent pregnancy.  But can you blame me? They just don’t feel that good!

I also wouldn’t be super down to buy Plan B for anyone in case something else were to go wrong, it’ll probably be fine!! Besides, that stuff is expensive!

Sure, I haven’t really given this whole “pro-choice” thing too much thought.  To be honest, I haven’t ever really thought about what pregnancy must be like, or how much work women and others who can get pregnant put into avoiding pregnancy when they don’t want children.  Or that a woman is taking the risk of getting pregnant every time we have sex, but she’s the only one who has to deal with the full ramifications of pregnancy if something goes wrong.

Likewise, I haven’t really thought about any of this because, well, I’m not going to face the brunt of the many abortion restrictions passed into law over the last ten years.    Are you trying to say that Ohio may succeed in effectively banning abortion soon? Nah, I haven’t really considered too much of that, and probably never will, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to have sex!  C’mon, it’ll be fun!

Wait, what? You don’t want to sleep with me? What do you mean? I don’t understand…was it something I said just now?

Signed: Jeremy

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