Autopsy Confirms Video Killed The Radio Star

Cleveland, Ohio: This past week, an autopsy conducted on the Radio Star’s body at the Cleveland Clinic confirmed that Video did, in fact, kill the Radio Star.

“We’ve been suspicious about this death ever since the song “Video Killed The Radio Star” came out in 1979,” said local pathologist Dr. Steven Hartford.  “But we weren’t able to confirm our suspicions of foul play, at least medically, until this week.   In any case, our pathology unit here at the Cleveland Clinic is especially proud of this breakthrough, and we hope that justice for our dear friend, the Radio Star, will be swift.”

With news of the truth behind the Radio Star’s fate gone public, many locals have voiced their opinion on the cultural significance of the Radio Star’s Death, such as local historian and Cleveland State University professor Dr. Stephani Andrews.  “We are so thankful to finally have concrete confirmation that Video killed the Radio Star,” said Dr. Andrews.  “The academic community will be thinking of the Radio Star over the coming weeks, and we mourn that the Radio Star’s contributions to popular culture were cut tragically short by such senseless acts of violence.”

Video has since been arrested and is due in court next week on one count of first-degree murder.

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