Opinion: I don’t know what intersectionality is, but I don’t like it

Hey, it’s me, your favorite socialist dude guy in town Max, wassup (want to buy a paper) (please we have quotas)

Since I’ve finally convinced you to get coffee and “talk about politics,” (this isn’t a front for a date) I just wanted to say I think intersectionality is absolute trash!

Have I actually read any of the original documents by Dr. Kimberle Crenshaw? Nope. Could I provide you with her definition of intersectionality? Nah. I just know that our socialist organization says it’s bad, so I’m going to trash it relentlessly in front of you even though I honestly don’t have a basic understanding of what it’s actually meant to do.

I know you didn’t ask me for my opinion on this either, but I also dislike feminism in general because our org says to (it’s not as “straightforward” as Marxism, and “Marxist feminism” is too confusing. Why are there two words instead of one?), and I’m going to make fun of it in front of a lot of people who face sexism in the every day and may therefore turn to feminism as a rational response to problems in their lives.

Ultimately, you won’t become a serious socialist until you start trashing feminism and intersectionality like I do, so it’s time to put your cute little women’s studies books away and pick up Lenin, sweetie.

Finally, and okay, I’ll admit it, it may be true that my lack of ability to even consider how intersectionality and/or feminism may be helpful to people is connected with my internalized sexism, but I don’t really think I should have to confront that right now. After all, if I’m a Marxist, I can’t be sexist! The moment you become a socialist you just automatically become not-sexist, duh. So therefore, I think it’s fine for me to just go ahead and say that while I may not understand what intersectionality is, I don’t like it!


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