Guy In Sketchy Van Currently Trying To Convince You to Write For Collegiate Humor Magazine


For Otman

Montreal, Quebec:  McGill Students have expressed concern for some time about a college-aged man driving around the campus in a sketchy van in an effort to recruit humor writers, reporters say. At times, the man has been apparently seen passing out copies of the school’s humor magazine. Unfortunately for you, this man has finally found and decided to stop by your apartment in the McGill Ghetto.

“Funny people like to write funny things!,” he yells with a megaphone outside your apartment, still inside the sketchy van. “And you look like a funny person to me!”  The man has been parked outside your apartment complex for no less than a half hour. “Do you want a copy of The Plumber’s Faucet?”

“It’s almost like this guy is selling drugs or something, and not humor” said McGill graduate student Stavroula, 23, regarding the situation. “He is dedicated! At the same time, I guess humor can just be this powerful thing that takes over people’s lives, but in a good way (I think?). This man once gave me an issue of The Plumber’s Faucet once, and now it’s all I ever do. I write, read, perform, and live The Plumber’s Faucet.  Changed my life. Crazy as it may be to say, I hope this man in the sketchy van is successful.  Anyways, what are you doing tonight? Want to come to a Faucet’s Tap show with me?  McConnell Engineering basement, pay what you can, 7:00 p.m.!”

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