Too Late to Ask for Your Classmate’s Name Now, Scientists Say

Montreal, Quebec:  According to one of the latest research studies conducted at McGill University, it is officially now too late in the semester to ask for your classmate’s name.

“Most students aren’t paying much attention at the beginning of the school year, so it’s acceptable to take a couple weeks to learn their names,” says Dr. Alexandra Bowleni, 44, who teaches at the university’s psychology department. “By week four of the semester, however, our studies show that it is generally considered odd that you don’t already know a classmate’s name, especially if you frequently ask them questions about the homework.”

Bowleni emphasized that students should be proactive. “Concerned students may want to look up their course rosters, and then try to match names with faces in class,” Bowleni explained. “They also may want to browse Facebook to attempt to figure out a classmate’s name on their own time.”  This way, Bowleni argued, students may be able to avoid awkwardly having to guess at a classmate’s name in a real-life conversation.

Local students confirmed Bowleni’s findings.  “I remember this one guy I did homework with sometimes last semester. He was a nice dude, don’t get me wrong,” says McGill University sophomore Marie Jennings, 19. “But man, I just knew that, deep down, he didn’t actually know my name. It was awkward just seeing him try to skirt around it in conversation, especially as the semester dragged on.”

“Don’t do this to your fellow classmates,” Bowleni concluded. “Just ask for their names at the beginning of the semester, and take notes if you have to.  It’s not that hard.”


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