Unclear Whether Co-Habitant Sexist or Just Shitty Roommate

Montreal, Quebec: It remains unclear whether the co-habitant of local woman, Sophia Panteris, 23, is blatantly sexist, just a bad roommate, or some combination of the two, sources say. Since they started living together in July, Sophia’s roommate, Jared Webb, 25, has yet to be spotted actively cleaning the house.  Panteris reportedly saw Webb doing his laundry once last month, but isn’t certain.

“He doesn’t really clean up after himself, ever,” said Panteris. “Sometimes I wonder if he thinks that because I’m the female roommate, I’m supposed to do all the “housekeeping” tasks around our place. Obviously, that would be pretty sexist.  But, it also could just be that he’s messy in general, and would still be doing this stuff if I were a male roommate of his.”

Jared’s mildly rude behavior in the household is common, and includes unsolicited commentary on Sophia’s cooking skills, hobbies, and career interests.  Sources report that Webb rarely takes out the trash, yet frequently leaves out used ramen packets, dishes, and condoms.

“He’s definitely not socially conscious.  But hey, he’s barely aware when it comes to social cues in general,” said one of Sophia’s friends, Jessica McNeil, 24, who frequently visits the unclean house. “All considering, it’s just hard to tell for sure if any of his transgressions as a roommate are due to his sexist tendencies or not.”

At press time, Jared was spotted tracking his muddy boots on the new living room rug Panteris purchased last week.

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