New, Realistic Line of Tamagotchis Vent To You When Their Friends Make Plans Without Them

El Segundo, California, United States: Bandai’s newest line of Tamagotchi digital pets are at their most realistic yet! In addition to eating, sleeping, making cute noises, and going through the various stages of the life cycle, the digital pets are now at their most realistic: tamagotchis will now vent to their owners when their social lives are going poorly.

The new pets will gossip and talk trash about their friends, tell you about crushes that are way out of their league, and cry to you when their friends make plans without them (this is a frequent occurrence).

It’s true that these tamagotchis will prove to be a challenge to their owners: in fact, such a challenge is precisely what Bandai wants.

“We felt that making the pets more honest about their social lives will strengthen the bond between them and their owners,” said Sara S., 37, a representative from Bandai America. “We hope that such a feature in our products will teach younger users about conflict resolution, and how to deal with disappointment in life.”

Sara S. also discussed Bandai’s future plans regarding Tamagotchi pets.  “If this goes well, and we certainly hope it does, we may consider future versions of this product where Tamagotchis may belittle or even bully their owners. We’re looking to build the character of those who buy our products, and sometimes -let’s face it- a little social rejection goes a long way.”

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