You’re a dad! Can you book these plane tickets without having an aneurism?

Hey dad, what’s up.  So you said you would help me navigate booking this flight last week, right?  Like you would tell me what tickets I should get and everything. That still cool?

>> I guess

Okay, awesome, dad! So it looks like I can’t get there with only one flight, I’ll have to have a connecting flight.  Is that okay?

>>Uh, alright

And two suitcases, so like at the end when we purchase the ticket you have to check the box saying you’ll need the upgrade thing for that.

>> ://

Okay, cool! So let’s go online and purchase the tickets!


Do you have like login information for American Airlines?  I know you’ve used your login info on that website before or whatever


Okay, cool, I’ll go ahead and enter the info you gave me now to log in.  Oh wait, it says the password isn’t working.  It looks like we’ll have to hit “forgot password” so it can send a link to your email so that you can make a new one.  Do you remember your email?

So your email has a password too, do you know that password?

Okay so that looks like that will be kind of hard. Want to use another airliner?

Dad?? Dad are you okay????



Mission failed: You were unable to book plane tickets without having an aneurism.


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