Depression Meals That Are Just Bread and Cheese Again

By Stav

Too sad to cook? Me too, but not to fear! I have a few (albeit limited) suggestions on your options that may just be bread and cheese again!  Have fun trying these very simple meals if for some reason you don’t already do at least two of these every goddamn day!

  1. The classic cheese on wonder bread.  A bitch is really struggling if you’re doing this one I am thinking of you
  2. The classic cheese on wonder bread but you microwaved it because you wanted something hot even though you know it’s going to turn out like shit and not like you intended every time. Still tastes passable because you have the energy for nothing else right now.  Also cheese
  3. The classic cheese on wonder bread but you have a toaster oven so it’s actually pretty good, just not like skillet grilled-cheese level good. Tip: If you use feta cheese and then put olive oil on it it feels like you’re eating real food kind of
  4. Skillet grilled-cheese sandwich: You actually cooked you did it!!! It may taste like kindergarten but damn that really works right now. Tip: Just use a million slices of cheese, no one cares
  5. Pizza? There’s bread.  There’s cheese.  This food has even previously counted as a vegetable for high school students, you’re in good hands.
  6. Please just give up and order take-out this time holy shit. If you can build up the energy to call them, at least, and then Go oUtSiDe AnD PicK uP YouR OrDer iN PErsOn.  It’s okay, really.
  7. Repeat the cycle. Throw in coffee or ice cream as a meal as often as necessary

Life may be (very) hard, but as long as the all holy bread and cheese combo exists, you’ve got some easy resources for your next bullshit meal!  And the one after that.  And the one after that too.

P.S. I ate bread with cheese before writing this you are in good company

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