Ten Cats That Wouldn’t Let Me Pet Them

Please Shame Them

By Stav @your__crush__

[Photos from Jackie Shreves, Colin Young, Natalie Hernandez, James Wagner, me, and the cats that posed for us somehow.]

These cats all ignored me when I tried to pet them and I’m mad about it still.  Please shame them and consider their respective existences with contempt.

  1. This one

bb article again

2. This one


  1. This one too


  1. Okay I was pretty annoying I understand why this one ran away

use four

5. This one’s my cat, he lets me pet him and stuff. I just wanted to show you.


  1. This one


7. This one hissed at me :/




  1. This one


  1. Wait hold on that’s my roommate’s hamster, not a cat. Pulling up another cat that ignored me now



  1. This one



Thank you for reading, and I hope you are just as upset with these cats that wouldn’t let me pet them as I am.  Please share to raise awareness so that this may not happen again.





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